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The Breaduino is a Arduino in a bare-bones factor. The Breaduino includes the pin 13, communication, and power LEDs as well as an ATmega328p, a LiPo connector, and a reset button. This makes a great soldering kit.

When you connect this to the Arduino IDE, make sure to select the Arduino UNO in the boards menu.

Note: This does not have a voltage regulator in the kit, so do not connect more than 5V.


The Breaduino comes as a kit that you solder at home.

Technical Specifications:

  • 16MHz external resonator
  • Easy to use LiPo connector for 3.7V LiPos
  • Reset button
  • Serial interface
  • Pre-bootloaded ATmega328p with Arduino UNO Optiboot and Arduino Example Program

This kit includes:

  • Qtechknow Breaduino PCB
  • ATmega328p bootloaded with Arduino Uno Optiboot
  • 16MHz Resonator
  • 0.1 uf Monolithic Capacitor
  • LED Green – 3mm
  • LED Yellow – 3mm
  • 330 Ohm Resistor – 1/4W (2)
  • 10K Ohm Resistor - 1/4W (2)
  • DIP Socket – 28 pin
  • JST Connector – 2 pin
  • Push Button – Small
  • 6 pin Right Angle FTDI Header
  • Male Headers (24)

You will need to purchase on your own:


Quickstart Schematics Eagle Files Datasheet Files

Price: $25.00  

Product Code: QT9101


What is Qtechknow?

Our kits and products will enable you to have success in electronics. We make soldering kits for beginners, breakout boards for intermediate users, and development boards for more advanced users. We also have cool starter kits (ArduSensors) that allow you to focus on software for the Arduino as well as many others. The Arduino is a mini-computer that can execute simple (and complex) tasks, such as reading a sensor and showing the value of the sensor on an LED light bar graph. This is one of the most simple tasks that an Arduino can do, the highest power Arduino can even turn into an Android phone, with the extra accessories. Also, the CEO of Qtechknow is 17 years old!

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