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ArduSensor Shield V3

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Ever wanted to use four ArduSensors at the same time? The ArduSensor Shield comes to the rescue. It is packed with an RGB LED, an LED bar graph, a buzzer, and four spots for ArduSensors. It has four different ports that you can program individually with different outputs. For example, you can have an ArduSensor Pot for changing the color of the RGB LED while you can turn on and off buzzer and change the LED Bar Graph.

Note: This version has thicker traces and a better PCB layout overall, with added silkscreen on the backside of the board for pin reference.

The ArduSensor Shield comes as a kit that you solder at home.

This kit includes:

  • Qtechknow ArduSensor Shield PCB - V3
  • Push Button – Small
  • LED Bar Graph – Surprise Color
  • 330 Ohm Resistor- 1/6W (3)
  • 330 Ohm Resistor Network (2)
  • RGB LED – Common Cathode
  • Piezo Buzzer
  • 6 pin Female Headers (4)
  • Male Headers (32)

You will need to purchase on your own:

  • Arduino UNO or Leonardo
  • The latest Arduino software (free)
  • USB Cable for Arduino Programming
  • Any ArduSensors to use with the shield. You can fit 4 ArduSensors on any of the spots on the shield with the exception of the larger ArduSensor Fart that will only fit on the end spot.


Quickstart Example Schematics Eagle Files

Price: $25.00  

Product Code: QT9100

Qty:        Retired

What is Qtechknow?

Qtechknow was founded in 2012 by eleven year old, Quin Etnyre. The kits and products, all designed by Quin, have enabled people of all backgrounds have success in electronics - beginners to experts, seven year olds to retired professors. Our product lines have included soldering kits, breakout boards, and development boards. Our most popular design has been the Qduino Mini, successfully Kickstarted in 2015. It is a tiny, Arduino-compatible board with the unique features of a fuel gauge, built-in charger, and a battery connector. It was one of the only development boards designed by a kid, and also one of the few embedded boards delivered on time on Kickstarter!

Quin recently started at UC Berkeley, and is focusing on studying and has narrowed his business focus to the Qduino Mini. Please see the link to Sparkfun to purchase one now! Our other products have been retired, but we will continue to have all the data on this website for your reference.

Thanks for all of your incredible support for the past six years, and keep an eye out for Qtechknow in the future!

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